We all utilize a large variety of vendors on a daily basis.  From the day to day activities and services, such as power equipment,  trucks and their parts, mechanics, tools of the trade, safety products and supplies, to running the business, such as insurance, tax preparation, uniforms, signage, advertising, software and technology.


If one of  your vendors who has never exhibited at our trade show, signs up to exhibit at our show this year, or signs on to be a sponsor at any scheduled event, we will kick back $50 to you as a finder’s fee!

Because you understand the importance of the Conference & Trade Show every year, your referral is key!

In order to receive your $50 kickback, your Vendor must be NEW to our show.  Your kickback may be redeemed as a credit toward a future event or given in hand to you.

Remember, all types of vendors, concrete, blacktop, paving, plowing, auto parts, equipment, signs, uniforms, advertising, communication … you name it!  If you use them, they should be here!

Let’s make this a Great Show!

Membership is Just as Important!

Members, you already know the value of membership with NYSTLA.  Membership support contributes to 100% of our success!  We rely on your membership to continue funding meetings, events and support to provide you with the latest up to date information!  Share this!  Refer a New Member and receive the same kickback.