Ever feel like this when it comes to NYS DOT Requirements?

Here are a few links that could help you prevent headaches, delays and fines.

NYS DOT Vehicle Inspection Information:  From what inspectors look for to repairs and maintenance.

NYS DOT Carrier Resources – Materials of Trade:  What are Materials of Trade and what should you and your drivers be aware of?

NYS DOT Review and IMPORTANT Updates as Presented at the July 2023 DOT Meeting

FMCSA & NYSDOT Contacts:


FMCSA: www.fmcsa.dot.gov

FMCSA New York Division Field Office: 518-431-4145

FMCSA Information Line: …………………1-800-832-5660

Consumer Complaints:

Commercial Safety Alliance (CVSA): www.cvsa.org

New York Motor Carrier Compliance Bureau: trucksafety@dot.ny.gov  or 518-457-6512

Unified Carrier Registration: www.ucr.in.gov or…….. 518-457-6512

Information from July 2023 meeting provided by:

Gregory Mayr, NYSDOT Supervising Motor Carrier Investigator:

New York State Dept. of Transportation, 4 Burnett Boulevard, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603