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Green Industry News

  • May 2015

Legislative Updates:

  • RESOLUTION: Scarsdale 2015 Leaf Program
  • Legislative Alert: Waters of the United States rule April 17, 2015
  • IPM Legislative Update: April 2015
  • Harrison NY: No Pick up of Grass Clippings Effective April 2015
  • NYAFEC: “What We Have Done FOR YOU!: August 2015
  • Changes in ruling regarding “non-certified applicators” applying RUP’s (Restricted Use Products): Contributed by Larry Wilson, NYAFEC, August 2015

News from Cornell Cooperative Extension:

Mulch Mowing Research Participation Opportunity : 4/2015
Mulch Mowing “Site Finders” Aren’t asking you to change a thing!: 4/2015
Hudson Valley Horticulture Newsletter
Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed in Northern Westchester County: 11/2014

Invasives Update:

  • Emerald Ash Borer: Pest Alert from US Dept. of Agriculture. (Rcvd March 2015)
  • DEC 6 NYCRR Part 575 Prohibited & Regulated Invasive Species Regulations Useful Links (April 2015)
  • Emerald Ash Borer NYS Final Regulation (May 2015)

Meeting Recaps/Resources:

  • Tree Planting Details: Handout from March 10, 2015 Meeting: from Carmine Serpe, ASCA Consulting Arborist
  • DEC Update with regard to Contracts: March 31, 2105 Presentation by Catherine Ahlers, Region 3 NYSDEC
  • Turf Disease by Season Identification: Presentation by Doug Cherry, Synatek at the April 15, 2015 Meeting
  • NYS DOT Update: Handout from July 14, 2015 Presented by Joseph Havranek NYS DOT Inspector
  • Equipment Financing Information: Presented by Key Bank and July 14, 2015 BBQ

Local Municipality Information:

Village of Port Chester, NY accepting green waste dumping at their Fox Island Transfer Station. New Rates Effective June 1, 2015