New York State Turf & Landscape Association partnered with the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) to offer training courses for Certified Landscape Technicians.  We provide access to CLT Training and Certification as well as the training manuals necessary in both English and Spanish.

Certification is a national hands-on testing program that seeks to recognize proficiency in the landscape workforce, upgrade the status of the landscape professional and provide the public with a means of identifying qualified landscape professionals.

To be a Certified Landscape technician, an applicant must pass the Common Elements plus a Core test.  New York State Turf & Landscape Association joined forces with NALP to offer three Core tests in Installation, Maintenance and Irrigation management.

You can order the Training Manuals here.

Successful completion of the Installation test demonstrates that an individual has the skills to take a landscape blueprint and implement the design in the field.  Passing the Maintenance Test shows that person has the skill to maintain a landscape project in a professional manner.


  • Certification is NOT a substitute for a landscape contractor’s license and passing the certification test does NOT count toward a state license.
  • Certification is NOT a substitute of any of the state issued pesticide licenses.